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How does anyone come up with a new idea for a product walking on a hike?  But that is what happened. 

Mike and I were walking in a state park, and he was complaining about the smelly messy floors of the public men’s room.  I had no idea what he was ranting about until he explained that whenever he uses a urinal, there is always a back splash where very small drops of urine end up bouncing out of the urinal onto his pants and floor.  Ultimately, the pants get smelly too! 

I did not realize this was even a problem for men!  And I had no idea there could even be a solution, but I said to him, “You’re smart, invent something.”  And Mike did.  He figured out a design for a urinal screen that did not let the urine pool and stay in the urinal, therefore no smell.  He worked really hard making a design that did not splash back.  And it took many tries and many designs until he came up with Adam’s Leaf.  No mess, no fuss. 

We tried to reach out to the urinal screen producers, but nobody would talk to us.  So, we decided to make these ourselves and do things the right way.  Adam’s Leaf is made in the USA.  Adam’s Leaf has an added ingredient that causes the leaf to degrade quickly when it is discarded.  Adam’s Leaf is scentless, and stays scentless.  Most urinal screens only last a few weeks because they get so smelly, but not ours!  Some of our competitors use scents to mask the smells but not ours!  We have no added scents because we have nothing to hide.  You can use ours for months. 


Ask for Adam’s Leaf, a better way to GO!

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